Township Records and Data Security

When I first started my involvement with our township government, we were gathering township records during our effort to save the Birchrunville Schoolhouse. I was surprised to learn that all official township records are maintained as a paper record. Aside from the obvious storage problems and danger of loss due to fire or other disaster, it is very inefficient. Staff time must be spent retrieving documents for township business or to respond to public information requests.

This is why I have advocated for several years to have the township move to an electronic means for storage and acceptance of records. In early 2019, the process of scanning and data conversion has begun, and will continue throughout the year. 

Any discussion of conversion to electronic data storage must also address township data security. Like any large organization, municipalities can be the target of hacking or ransomware. Following a recent review of our IT infrastructure and data security, I offered some suggestions to improve our data backup process. On an ongoing basis we must stay vigilant to threats in this area.


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