The Role of a Supervisor

Our supervisors make decisions reflecting the desires of the residents, and the desire in West Vincent has been to maintain as much of our historic and natural character as possible while still making reasonable accommodations to the inevitable pressures of modern growth. The challenge is always in how best achieve this balance.


As an example, our lower population density might not support the same amenities that are available in more urban areas (and many residents prefer it that way). But it’s not always an “either-or” proposition and a supervisor must strive to find this solution whenever possible.


A township supervisor’s responsibilities are also not about what’s playing on the national stage. We all care about “big picture” things – sometimes we care a lot – but our supervisors and township committees must focus on things close at hand-- our homes, community, neighborhoods, and our local roads and bridges and our township parks. These are things we use every day and something that our local government has the most control over.


It is also about fairness… our township government needs to serve people from all parts of our township. Just as we are funded by every resident, we need to ensure that our expenses also provide a benefit to each and every resident.

I am a firm believer in the core principles of long-term planning and transparency in our township government. While we have experienced marked improvement in each of these areas in recent years, it is important to reaffirm our commitment to these core values, just because they are so important.

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