Open Space in West Vincent

Over 4000 acres Preserved 

We are fortunate to live in a township with large areas of open space that have been preserved by a combination of means – either as land set aside as part of a development plan, from a donation by a private owner, or by an investment of public funds. The preservation effort has been very successful and today, about 40% of West Vincent (over 4000 acres!) is preserved forever.

A key contributor to the success has been the township’s financial participation in the effort, supported by a portion of each West Vincent residents’ earned income tax (over $13 million has been invested so far).

Looking into the Future

Moving forward, the township preservation effort will continue. However, our available funds will be limited by bond repayment obligations, so it will be important to make the most of our remaining tax dollars.


We must seek preservation partners so we can leverage our existing funds and make our tax dollars go further. Recently, we have achieved several successes on that front, the most notable example being the Bryn Coed Farms preservation with Natural Lands where our investment in 72 acres for a park and public trails was key to enabling a deal that preserved the 1100 acre tract.

We also need to make use of the best planning tools, which is why I worked with information from the township and County to create a comprehensive open space map.