Infrastructure Responsibilites

Historically, a township’s primary responsibility has been to build and maintain infrastructure such as roads and bridges. Our township has responsibility for close to fifty miles of roads as well as many bridges and stream crossings. These structures represent a capital investment worth many millions of dollars.

A roadway is similar to a building or any other structure that must shed rainwater - if the top course is allowed to fall into disrepair, water will eventually undermine the foundation and require a total rebuild, which can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, if the top course is refreshed at regular intervals, the total cost of ownership is much lower. 


An unexpected major road repair can affect township budgets for years into the future. It is vital that we have a formal plan to perform regular maintenance and avoid more costly repairs later. In 2016, West Vincent Township hired an engineering firm to conduct its first ever comprehensive engineering assessment of our roads and bridges, a process that I fully support. 

It is important for the Supervisors to make sure that the assessment is not a one-time snapshot, but rather a "living" document that is updated on a regular basis to reflect the current conditions of our infrastructure. 


Not all roads in West Vincent are owned by the township; many roads are State roads and as the name implies, PennDOT is responsible for maintenance on them. Do you know where the township roads are in West Vincent?  Check this map to see where they are located:  West Vincent Township Road Map

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