Funding for Road & Open Space Projects 

In October 2018, the township supervisors held a meeting to ask the public for opinions and discuss how to apportion the proceeds of the municipal wastewater system sale. I took the time to address the Board and provide my viewpoint on the issue.

The following is a video of my comments to the Board (about 2 1/2 minutes).

West Vincent BOS October 2018

My recommendation was to apply extra funds to address the poor state of repair of some of our roads and bridges. Why? Because, as I have discussed here, if a roadway is neglected to the point where its foundation has been undermined, then the cost of repair is ten times what the annual routine maintenance cost would have been. It's estimated that we will require more than $5 million over the next several years to resolve these issues. 

Open Space Funding
What about Open Space? The township maintains an earned income tax
surcharge to provide a dedicated funding stream for Open Space. The program has been very successful, and we have preserved almost 40% of the land in the township. Although we have a bond obligation to repay, the tax is currently generating annual revenues beyond the required payments, so we are still accruing funds (current balance approaching $1 million) which can be used to fund new open space initiatives.

Furthermore, once we can get the road conditions to the point where it only requires routine maintenance, then our annual costs should be reduced and we could be in a position to increase funding for other township initiatives including Open Space.