Core Principles

Today, I serve as a member of the West Vincent Township Board of Supervisors, having been appointed in 2019 by a unanimous, bipartisan vote to succeed John Jacobs who moved his residence out of the township. 


Over the last few years, many of the positions for which I have advocated have been adopted and I am proud of the direction that our township government has taken. On November 5th, the voters of West Vincent will select a Supervisor to serve a six-year term.  

I am asking for your support at the polls so I can continue my mission to help strengthen our community and our home through these objectives:

o    Transparency in Government (both financial and process)
o    Responsible Use of your Tax Dollars
o    Long Term Planning for Decision-making and Infrastructure Improvements
o    Ensure Township Initiatives have benefits for all township residents
o    Protect our limited Open Space funds by seeking preservation partners
o    Transitioning Township Records from Paper to Electronic format

As a resident, I have enjoyed the natural beauty of our township, its cultural attractions, and benefited from its location here in the Delaware Valley. As a Supervisor, I will continue moving our township on a path of improvement which I believe will maintain this quality of life for future generations.


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