Absentee Ballot Information


The Municipal Election will be held on November 5th. Eligible voters that are absent from the township on that date or unable to vote due to illness or disability may vote by Absentee Ballot. In Pennsylvania, this is a two step process.  You must first request a ballot, then you must complete and return the ballot. See below for details.

Note: Voters that are unsure if they will be in the township on Election Day should submit an absentee ballot.  If they are available to vote in person on Election Day, the absentee ballot can be cancelled at the polling place.


How to Request an Absentee Ballot

Online Method: To request an Absentee Ballot online, use this link

Paper Form:  Click here to open a request form that you can print and mail to Chester County Voter Services.

The West Vincent Election Districts are:

  • 690 - Voting at the Township Building

  • 693 - Voting at the Firehouse

Important:  The form must be received by Chester County Voter Services before October 29th. Once voter services receives your form, you will be sent a ballot by US Mail.