Campaign Contributions and Endorsements

I am not seeking financial contributions or outside endorsements for my campaign. Read more below...

My campaign for West Vincent Township Supervisor is fully self-funded and I am not accepting outside financial support for my campaign. This allows me to formulate my positions independently for the maximum benefit of the township.


However, if you are interested in contributing time to my campaign, contact me at -- we are always seeking volunteers and we’d love to have your help!  

Similarly, I am not seeking endorsements from outside organizations or national groups. Our supervisors must be able to listen to the voice of our residents without outside influence. Local government must focus on things close at hand like our roads and bridges and our township parks. These define our neighborhoods and community, something that we use every day, and something that our local government has the most control over.

But, if you like what you see here, you can tell others about it or add a message to my personal endorsements page.


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