About Me

My name is George Dulchinos, and I am a current member of the West Vincent Board of Supervisors and a candidate for Supervisor in the November Municipal Election.


I have lived in West Vincent for over twenty years. That’s long enough to understand the nature our township and experience changes (but still be considered “the new guy” in some circles).


Just like you, I enjoy the natural beauty of our township, its history, and its convenient location to the many cultural attractions in the Delaware Valley. I want to offer my time and assistance to the township to help keep it this way.

George Dulchinos West Vincent Supervisor

How I Got Involved...

Seven years ago, I was a concerned resident who began attending township meetings on a regular basis. The reason for my concern was a poorly thought out development plan that threatened the character of the historic village of Birchrunville.

As an observer, I discovered several important aspects of sound government were absent – things like transparency, long-term planning, and fiscal responsibility.  It became clear that if more attention had been given to these, the unfortunate situation that drew me into the meetings could have been avoided.


And, I was not alone. Frequently, residents would come to meetings affected by various issues, the root cause of which was a lack of one of these core principles. The experience left me determined to become an active participant in our township government where I could encourage changes to address these problems.

The Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, November 5th. Please take a look at this site where I have shared my thoughts and vision for the role of a supervisor in West Vincent Township. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: VoteGeorge2019@gmail.com 

My Background and Experience...